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Cleverley visits Kris Bistro & the Culinary Institute LeNôtre for Fox 26 News

The name LeNôtre is known all over the world for quality French cuisine and pastry. Alain, born into the famous Parisian culinary family, is the third generation of LeNotre chefs. He and his wife Marie own the Culinary Institute LeNotre in Houston. FOX 26 reporter Ruben Dominguez and food radio talk show host Cleverley Stone visited the institute. Croquembouche is a French word that means “crisp in mouth.” This elaborate dessert is classically made with profiteroles (tiny, custard-filled cream puffs), coated with caramel and and stacked into a tall pyramid shape. As the caramel hardens, it becomes crisp. For added glamor, the croquembouche can be wreathed or draped with spun sugar.

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