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A Look Inside the Newly Open Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge

Located inside the Culinary Institute LeNôtre right off I-45, Kris Bistro & wine Lounge is completely out of place amidst the scenery of industrial concrete that surrounds the highway north of loop 610. But like an oasis, it's a welcomed break in the landscape as well as the only area option offering an upscale lunch or dinner. This "teaching" French restaurant opened just last week.

  • The charcuterie program is heavily influenced by executive chef Kris Jakob's father, who taught him the ways of meat curing when he was just a youngster.

  • No bottle of wine on their list exceeds a $35 price tag.

  • There's a giant wall of windows on one side of the restaurant where you can watch students cook as you munch on frites and sip your French wine.

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